We began our journey together in 2009 to fill a void in the treatment community. We witnessed families unable to cope with their adolescents' maladaptive behaviors and no viable treatment options. We listened to these young people; and then we worked tirelessly to understand their needs. Only then did we have the tools and knowledge to develop Family Recovery Centers (FRC), a treatment center that gives these families back their hope.

As we opened our doors we made a promise to give every family access to services regardless of obstacles that traditionally stood in their way. We founded FRC to help families' commit to and make treatment not only an option, but to give them the ability to make it a priority.

Today, FRC exists for one reason: to provide the best possible care to families and adolescents throughout the Chicagoland area ... because that is what they deserve.

Parents deserve to be understood, supported and challenged; adolescents deserve to be accepted while learning the skills required to lead them into a healthy and successful future.

Utilizing only the most proven clinical approaches, we achieve this goal of complete and lasting recovery.

But far more than the strategies we use are the people who make up team FRC. Every single individual shares the same passion, empathy, and commitment to those we serve. We know that every family that walks through our doors is unique and deserving of our best effort to offer help and promote healing.

The world is an ever-changing landscape; therefore, the needs of our families are equally dynamic. This is why we are forever refining our program to ensure that no need goes unmet, no child remains misunderstood and no family lives without hope. 

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