“The Power of And”

At FRC, we work with parents to reframe their experience and employ effective language when talking about their teen’s relapse. Even with the best intent, a parent can unknowingly invalidate their teen’s experience and thus create a missed opportunity for meaningful dialogue.

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The Family Recovery Centers
Event: DBT Skills with Multi-Problem Adolescents

Nov 8 - Nov 9, 2018

In this training, you will learn about DBT skills training with teens and their families. The trainers will provide an overview of the adaptations made to standard DBT to address the needs of adolescents and their families, including a particular focus on multi-family skills training classes and the latest DBT skills for adolescents and their caregivers.

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What We Can Learn From Demi Lovato

Addiction is a horrific, brain-altering disease, which is precisely why permanent recovery is so very difficult to achieve. What’s more, relapse is not uncommon.

The over-riding hope for Demi Lovato is that she gets the help she requires and emerges from this unfortunate experience with regained health and a renewed commitment to her sobriety.

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What Parents Need To Know About Juuling

Many young people perceive smoking cigarettes as a filthy, disgusting habit.  Conversely, many think it is absolutely cool to Juul. Currently, Juuling is a nationwide adolescent attraction due to the product’s economy of size, enticing flavors and most of all, immediate nicotine hit. A single cartridge or pod represents the same amount of nicotine content as in a pack of cigarettes.

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