Intensive Outpatient Program

Who We Treat

We work with all adolescents, ages 12 to 19, struggling with maladaptive behaviors such as substance abuse, self-injury, defiance and suicidal ideation as well as significant mood and anxiety disorders. Because every adolescent is unique, we develop an individualized treatment plan designed to meet the precise needs of each patient and family.

Importantly, we integrate parents into the treatment process.  This is critical on many levels.

Although the child is the designated patient, the family has been profoundly impacted.  Parents have watched helplessly as their child engaged in self-harming behaviors or experienced depression so profound that he or she cannot get out of bed.  Parents and adolescents both need guidance, compassion and a renewed sense of direction.

Additionally, when parents and patients participate in the process of treatment together an opportunity is created for the home environment to change. This change promotes sustained progress and health for the patient and family.

At FRC, this imperative change comes through didactic skills training as well as learning and practicing new, concrete life skills both in and out of treatment.  Family members discover how to improve communication and resolve conflict in a healthy fashion. This work takes place in a group setting that is both safe and non-judgmental. Adolescents, without fear of being bullied or teased, speak honestly and candidly in their group and grow accountable to their peers.

Similarly, parents and guardians are provided a safe space to share their parenting and communication challenges. They bond as a result of being able to discuss openly the overwhelming struggles faced by their family.  This sense of security, transparency, and accountability remains evident when the peer and parent groups connect and meet as one.

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Time Monday (Family) Tuesday (Peer) Thursday (Family) Friday (Peer)
5:00 - 6:00 PM DBT Skills Training Peer Process Group DBT Skills Training Young Person's 12-Step Meeting or Mood/ Anxiety Group
6:00 - 7:00 PM Parent Process Group/ Peer Process Group Experiential Group/ Art Therapy Group Parent Process Group/ Peer Process Group Peer Process Group
7:00 - 8:00 PM Multi-Family Process Group DBT Mindfullness & Meditation Multi-Family Process Group Relapse Prevention/ Weekend Planning

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